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AUB aspires to produce medical graduates who are emotionally and culturally sensitive, and have a world-class competence, so that they can be valued and respected healers, and responsible citizens anywhere they choose to be. The aim of the university is not only to produce medical doctors with a good clinical knowledge, but also to instill in them ethics and values by which they can treat their patients with a human touch.


AUB seeks to provide world-class medical education with cutting edge equipment and pedagogy in an environment that fosters appreciative enquiry, human sensitivity and collaborative research aimed at reducing human suffering and pain.

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Core Values and Learning Beliefs

Committed to excellence, AUB believes that it is our mission to inspire our student to strive for and meet high levels of academic and personal achievement. We believe that the respectful, supportive and engaging learning environment at AUB instills intellectual curiosity, a passion for learning, as well as an understanding of one's role in the local community and in a diverse global society.

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